• True Tales of the Supernatural The Ouija Board is a dark and electrifying novella, based on a true story, about curiosity, youth and what exists in the shadows of our world. Boredom tempted Courtney and Lacy to break the rules and venture out in search of excitement. Without any thought of the consequences, they both sat down, placing their fingers on the planchette. As it began to move, an invisible door opened into the darkness. This rich and disturbing true tale spans a few terrifying days, leading two young lives in an altered direction. It will have you questioning, is the Ouija board just another child’s game?

  • Me Too is an intense, emotional journey, not intended for light-hearted entertainment. After reading this book, you may never be the same. Read it the first time to change yourself. Read it again to help change the world. 

  • Mountain of God, The Journey gets underway when Shelly begins her discovery of Christ and the ensuing Christian walk through life. She climbs the peaks as the Holy Spirit guides her steps, knowing she is in the presence of friends and at other times, enemies. Eventually, Shelly realizes she’s perpetually in the middle of spiritual warfare, a tug-of-war for her immortal soul. Only when she reaches the end of life’s journey, and she’s in the presence of Jesus, is all truth revealed.

  • Remember Me is a diverse collection of poetry and landscape photography. The photos explore the natural beauty of our world while the poems inspire, motivate, and revive a spirit of discovery within your soul. Whether admiring nature or exploring the depths of emotion, this expressive and insightful poetry compilation has universal appeal.

  • Shades of Persuasion is the second novel in The Letter’s trilogy. Set between the glamourous lights of Hollywood, California and the rural charm of Natchez, Mississippi, Shades of Persuasion begins when Steven Cross and Tiffany Crenshaw reignite the flame they shared as teenagers. Tiffany, a celebrated actress and Steven, a renowned author, face many new challenges while merging their lives together, nevertheless, Steven’s poetic love letters strengthens their bond with every line.

    Split between two cities, the miles that separate and the foolish secrets they keep from one another begin to weaken their bonds of trust. Along with their families’ interference, Hollywood’s pressure, and tabloids meddling in the most sacred details of their lives, Steven and Tiffany’s passionate love affair dances with the harshness of reality. Leaving them to question, can true love survive the rigid tests and trials of life’s shades of persuasion? 

  • The Letter is the initial novel in Charna Ainsworth’s first trilogy. It is a contemporary love story, set in the mid 1980’s Natchez, Mississippi era. Tiffany Crenshaw moves to Natchez from California and meets Steven Cross. They fall instantly and irreversibly in love, creating a bond that seems unbreakable. Inevitably, rumors, lies and circumstances threaten to destroy their relationship. Steven moves away for college with a promise to always write. Before they are reunited, Tiffany returns to California in pursuit of an acting career. Despite the days and distance between them, the two remain close because Steven never fails to touch pen to paper and poetically express his undying love for Tiffany. Over the years, through life’s many highs and lows, one question remains. Will the tides of fate finally change, giving them the chance to finish what started so many years ago? 

  • Unlikely Christian Poetry Collection is a compilation of Christian poems and landscape photography that reassure believers and awaken skeptics to God’s unmeasurable mercy and love. Through the median of words and photography it shares the personal journey into the wonder of God’s peace with revelations about purpose, life, and relationships. This collection uncovers God’s profound love and His power to rescue even the most unlikely people from a life of darkness. It will leave you with a deeper understanding that the promises of God are for those who believe, regardless of color, creed or religion. 

  • This collection of poetry
    recounts the story
    of one person
    who gained power
    from the others
    who said me too
    to write with truthfulness…
    the burden of memories
    the weight of reality
    the promise of change
    the reward of perseverance

    Charna Ainsworth

  • The MeToo movement inspired Charna Ainsworth’s latest collection of poetry, ‘the’. It’s time for women to stop keeping secrets. No more hiding behind a fake smile. No more concealing the truth. Perpetrators, no matter what age, sex or race need to be held accountable. As more and more survivors of sexual violence share their experiences, strength will come. As the MeToo movement grows stronger, together we can change the future and truly say, their time is up.

  • There was a time in history when women remained silent. A time when they couldn’t speak a word; couldn’t tell a soul about what happened. Now without fear we can say… ‘their time is up,’ because we are no longer alone. The Me Too Movement Poetry Trilogy is a glimpse into reality — a brave revelation of personal experiences, empowerment, and survival. Expressive prose and poetry create a passage for the reader to encounter their deepest secrets, then rise-up from the wreckage of sexual harassment and assault into strength and unwavering confidence.


"I highly recommend this (The Letter) novel. You won't be disappointed."


“I really enjoyed it (The Letter) and can't wait for the sequel. Congratulations on such a great book! "


"What a great read! The story (Mountain of God, The Journey) is a journey through the Christian walk. The ups, the downs, and all the times in-between. It's a great read that encouraged me!"

S. Ford

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