Charna Ainsworth is a Mississippi novelist and an award-winning poet. Ainsworth wrote her debut novel, The Letter, over a six week period. It is the first book in The Letter trilogy. It was followed by Mountain of God, a Christian Fiction novella. Unlikely Christian Poetry Collection is the first book of poetry published and it was followed by The Letter’s Shades of Persuasion, the second book in The Letter trilogy. True Tales of the Supernatural The Ouija Board is the first installment of a series based on true events. Remember Me Poetry Collection is an anthology of insightful and inspiring mainstream poetry. Me Too Their Time is Up is a collection of poetry, written over a two day period. It was inspired by the recent movement of women around the world to end sexual violence. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, walking in nature or spending time with loved ones. Charna Ainsworth lives in South Mississippi, outside of a small southern town with her family.



“I have enjoyed them (The Letter & Shades of Persuasion) so very much!"


"Thanks for writing such an intriguing book! Unique characters with a unique plot! Many stories within one book! As the love grows in the book, my love for the characters grew too! An unexpected page turning ending... sure to please!"


This book (The Letter) made me laugh, cry, feel anger, and happiness! I love when I read a book and I feel a whole range of emotions!"